The Convention Program Book includes the schedule of activities citing the event, time, location, and particular details allowing you to plan your entire day, minute by minute, and assure you get to the “not-to-miss” activities on time.  It also includes detailed information on dance program schedules for each day of the convention, maps of the local downtown area with information about local attractions and restaurants, facility maps with all locations labeled, education session topics and presenter information, sew and save lessons and presentations, a map and list of exhibitors in the Vendor Mall, a list of Fashion Show Models and entertainers, a list of dance performance groups and schedule of exhibitions, a list of exhibitors in the Showcase of Ideas, and most importantly the names and contact information for the hundreds of callers, cuers, instructors, and prompters performing at our convention.

Included with the Convention Program Book are small “Daily’s” that can be easily carried in pockets or purses. These Daily’s contain the dance program schedules and other information for each day.

Because of printing costs, there will most likely not be any “left-over” inventory available for purchase upon arrival. 

 If you did not order one on your registration form and later decide you want one, you can purchase one by CLICKING HERE and paying online.

If you would like to purchase an Advertisement in our Convention Program Book – Deadline is February 15, 2023.

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