There are several functions offered at Pre-Convention, some of these include: 

City Tour – Guided bus tours of Mobile showing several of the highlights that make this the perfect city to host the 72nd NSDC.

Facility Tour – A tour of the Mobile Convention Center where all the dance halls for the 72nd NSDC are located and its amenities; as well as the meeting rooms at the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel, our Headquarters hotel, where our Education Sessions, Sew & Save, and Fashion Show will be located.

Civic Luncheon – A Civic Luncheon, hosted by Visit Mobile, where the NEC can meet City Officials, such as the Mayor, the Chief of Police, the Fire Department Chief, Hotel/Motel Association President, Hotel/Motel Representatives, etc., and explain what a NSDC can mean to their city, and how it will differ from other conventions.

Friday Night Special Event – Team Mobile will be hosting a Mardi Gras Masked Ball on Friday evening.  This will provide an outstanding opportunity for socializing as well as a delicious plated dinner and dancing.   We are sure you will enjoy the fun evening we have planned!

Breakout Sessions – Breakout Sessions are times when team members from each future NSDC get together with their NEC Phase Advisors to discuss and share individual tasks, challenges, advice, and other information.  These sessions are the highlight of the Pre-Convention Meeting as much is to be learned from them. 

Kick-Off Dance -The Kick-Off Dance is held to generate excitement in the local area for the upcoming NSDC. It will also allow us to access any issues with sound, flooring, equipment, etc., in the Convention Center prior to the actual NSDC.  The Kick-Off Dance will be held in the same hall that will be the Live Band Hall during the 72nd NSDC.  The Dance is free to all dancers who have Pre-registered for the 72nd NSDC, or dancers can register for the 72nd NSDC at the door.  CLICK HERE FOR KICK-OFF DANCE FLYER