National Square Dance Conventions® bring together dedicated square and round dancing delegates, leaders, callers, organizational officers, and vendors for the purpose of discussing common objectives, exchanging ideas, trying new techniques, and dancing together. 

We are looking for proven leaders in all phases of the square dance activity who will share, and present proven ideas, skills and techniques needed to assist and promote leadership and strengthen the square dance activity.

We all have a great deal to learn about all phases of our favorite recreation, and new ideas are welcomed. Matters of general interest or subjects designed to improve leadership, new dancer recruitment, calling ability, dancing, publicity, lesson planning, retention of new dancers, club organization, federations of clubs, etc.


One or more presenting topics related to professional development of callers, cuers, prompters and dance leaders to enhance the related dance activity


Three to six people serve as a panel of knowledgeable leaders discussing a given topic, normally followed by a Q & A session


One or two dance leaders engage in a demonstration, exhibition, or brief discussion of their topic followed by audience participation (dance workshops)

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For more information contact John Reed, Education Chairman at [email protected]