Upcoming Events

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72nd NSDC Presents FALL BALL Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 with Alan Hall and Three On A String in Fultondale, Alabama

72nd NSDC Presents JUNEBUG JUBILEE June 4-5, 2021 with Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story & Jet Roberts in Fultondale, Alabama

70th National Square Dance Convention 2021 in Jackson, Mississippi

71st National Square Dance Convention 2022 in Evansville, Indiana

72nd NSDC Pre-Convention Kick-Off Dance April 30, 2022 with Jack Pladdys, Scott Bennett & Tony Oxendine at the Mobile Convention Center

GSI Caller School June 18-21, 2023 (Sunday noon – Wednesday noon) at the Holiday Inn Downtown Mobile

Trail In to the 72nd NSDC Tuesday 8-10 pm June 21, 2023 at the Mobile Convention Center

Trails End to the 72nd NSDC Wednesday 8-10 pm June 22, 2023 sponsored by GSI at the Mobile Convention Center

Welcome to Mobile Dance Wednesday afternoon 2-4 pm June 22, 2023 at the Mobile Convention Center

72nd National Square Dance Convention® Party Gras 2023

Trail Out Dance Sunday morning 10-12 June 26, 2023 at the Mobile Convention Center

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