Special Events

69th National Square Dance Convention 2019 in Spokane, Washington

70th National Square Dance Convention 2020 in Jackson, Mississippi

71st National Square Dance Convention 2021 in Evansville, Indiana

Planning at Trail Thru Dance? Send us your information on our Contact Us page and we will post it here.

72nd NSDC Pre-Convention Kick-Off Dance April 30, 2022 with Jack Pladdys & Scott Bennett

Trail In to the 72nd NSDC Tuesday 8-10 pm June 21, 2023

Trails End to the 72nd NSDC Wednesday 8-10 pm June 22, 2023 sponsored by GSI

Welcome to Mobile Dance Wednesday afternoon 2-4 pm June 22, 2023

Trail Out Dance Sunday morning 10-12 June 26, 2023